Team Windsurfing

The hard-core of Funboard Center Boracay

The team of  Funboard Center Boracay welcomes you! With great engagement in a very relaxed atmosphere Gido, Gilbert, Glynn and Andy will be at your assistance regarding all questions for windsurfing, windsurf equipment, lessons and other services you might require ;-)

All of our windsurf instructors are from the Philippines. Most of them has been grown up on Boracay and know Bulabog Beach, the local weather condition and wind regime better than anyone else.  Next to their profession as a windsurf instructor Gido and Gilbert are members of the national philippine windsurfing team. Quite often they have proven to belong to the top 5...

Gido is working since 5 years as a windsurf instructor at Funboard Center Boracay.Gido Gelito

was born on Boracay and has grown up at Bulabog Beach. Windsurfing became his profession and since 5 years he is working at Funboard Center Boracay as a windsurf instructor. As the tender age of 12 he already took part at the Internationl Funboard Cup in Boracay and even 10 years later he still belongs to the top 3 riders. We all appreciate his even temper on-shore; but fear his fighting spirit off-shore. He is a family man of 2 kids and an amazing instructor if he is teaching children in windsurfing.


Windsurfing courses at Funboard Center Boracay with Gilbert.Gilbert Gelito

is the older brother of Gido and works almost one decade at Funboard Center Boracay. He master windsurfing like others riding a bike. Mr. Handsome does always make a good figure and looks like on his way to the office. Next to windsurfing he makes kiteboarding to his passion and besides all windsurfing courses he takes care of the kiteboarding diccovery classes.



Dominguito Prado

Dominguito, simply called "Doming", belongs to the up and coming new talents at Funboard Center Boracay. His father Edgar has worked already many years for us and most of the Prado family members are well known as kite- or windsurfing instructors at Bulabog Beach. Doming makes sure, that your windsurf equipment is well maintained and lay out at the beach before you even get there.

Bugoy works at Funboard Center Boracay to serve you the best.Axel Ambrocio

Axel already the second season at Funboard Center Boracay and is mostly known as "Bugoy". The meaning of his filipino name is equatable with adolescent and sometimes he is still the shy boy taking a back seat, but still feels resposible if it comes to serving you the best. He always helps out if the sail size is wrong, the harness lines too long or footstraps too big.

Windsurf Instructor Simone fromFunboard Center Boracay at Bulabog Beach.Simone

Simone seldom skips a day of wind- or kitesurfing. Thereby her eyes are still everywhere and after a miscarried jibe she will certainly be next to you and correct your sail or foot position.  Mostly she comes very close with the kiteboard and wispers into your ear that your body weight should move forward or the sail is not closed. She still belongs to the fastest woman in Asia and her advises are well appreciated. She leaves the kite- and windsurf classes to the gentlemen of the team and is in charge of the Yoga Camps++ where she combines Yoga and kite-or windsurfing.