and what you want to know about the insular state in the Pasific Ocean...

Philippinos are always looking at the bride side of life.The average life-expectance of a Filipino reaches 68 years.Filipinos are very child-friendly, which makes traveling with kids easy.








Our girls from Café Tabou gives you a warm welcome at Funboard Center BoracayHair decoration and Tatoos identify the clan-ship of a Filipino.A Filipino doesn't miss his daily nap.








Friendliness, harmony, politeness and especially the family support are only a few attributes to describe the character of a Filipino. Quite impressive is his sunny temper, laughter and happiness, which he even didn’t lose when a strong Typhoon in 2006 was blowing across Boracay. His even temper, huge hospitality and the strong family company differ the philippine mentaltiy  from many other asian cultures.

Even though most of the Filipinos can’t swim, they are incredible learner if it comes to any watersport. Effortless and pretty skilful they perform all sports with a paddle as Dragonboating or SUP. Trendy sports as wind-and kitesurfing they pick up easily and the Filipino has made the marority of all kite instructores at Bulabog Beach.

The philippine punctuality is mostly 15min behind. Don’t worry- that’s why most oft he watches are set 10min forward.  Regardless of his neighbours and fellow men the Filipino does what he likes. If he compets all night long in Karaoke or starts with the breeding of fighting cocks, he doesn’t realy care if someone stays awake all night long.

It’s important that the Filipino never looses his face. So never critisize or embarrass him in the presence of a third person. I general he’s looking for harmony and avoids any confrontation.
The culture, way of life and mentality oft he filipino is affected by a long- standing colonial era.